KARYNA Shuliak, a woman in her thirties from Belarus, was reportedly Jeffrey Epstein's last girlfriend before he died.

The two were said to have known each other since 2010.

Refer to CaptionJeffrey Epstein's ...girlfriend' Karyna Shuliak '/ '

Who is Karyna Shuliak?

Karyna Shuliak, from Belarus, was reportedly Jeffrey Epstein's last girlfriend before he died.

Shuliak was said to be distraught after his death, falling into a depression.

She reportedly arrived in the United States in 2009 at age 20 and studied dentistry.

Shuliak was reportedly nicknamed ...the inspector... because she was obsessed with finding out who Epstein was in contact with.

In November of 2021, the New York Times released an article detailing the final days of Epstein, and included information about Shuliak, who was reportedly one of the last people to speak to him alive.

Epstein reportedly paid for Shuliak to attend dental school. She was Epstein's last phone call, although at the time he told prison guards he was calling his mother.

For whatever reason, his final phone call was not included in records - instead, the last time it was noted that he spoke to Shuliak was a week prior.

According to sources close to the young woman, Shuliak is one of the largest beneficiaries of several of Epstein's trusts.

The source said Shuliak was ...depressed... after Epstein's death and her friends were worried about her because she was in a ...very complicated situation....

How long had she known Jeffrey Epstein?

A source close to the case said Epstein and Shuliak's relationship began after he came out of prison for procuring a minor girl for prostitution in 2010.

...No one stayed with him except Karyna who was there until the very last moment,... a source told the Daily Mail.

...Even his closest friends....

AP:Associated PressEpstein was said to have committed suicide in his prison cell '/ '

Epstein, 66, allegedly paid for expensive medical treatment for Shuliak's mother and is reported to have funded the home where her parents live in Belarus.

When did they start their relationship?

The relationship between Shuliak and the late pedophile was first revealed in March and may have been going on for at least nine years.

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Shuliak was reportedly ...madly jealous... of Epstein and investigated everyone he was in contact with.

It's thought that because of her obsession with snooping into his life, Shuliak may have discovered secrets about Epstein and members of his inner circle.

She reportedly was not involved in or exposed to any sex trafficking activities Epstein may have been engaged in.

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