KAMALA HARRIS is closing in on her 11th month as Vice president and her approval rating is now below President Biden's.

Kamala Harris' ratings have dropped and are 10 percent below that of President Biden's.

SplashHarris' approval rating is higher than Biden's by six points '/ '

What is Kamala Harris' approval rating?

On Nov. 7, 2021 there was a USA Today/Suffolk University poll that stated Harris' rating slipping.

The President's ratings dropped at 38 percent while the Vice President's is lower at 28 percent.

Her ratings are identical to Joe Biden's job approval rating as vice president in July 2009, about six months into his term in the Obama administration.

At that time, Biden had a 49 percent approval rating.

However he had fewer disapproved, a mere 30 percent and 10 percent did not have an opinion.

Harris has a 92 percent approval from Democrats while her rating is a very low 4 percent from Republicans.

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Her overall approval is significantly higher than Biden's mainly because independents rate her performance better than they rate the President's.

Her performance is rated at 46 percent while Biden's stands at 37 percent.

Additionally, Harris enjoys high approval ratings from Democratic-leaning groups, including women, young adults, college graduates and those with annual household incomes under $100,000.

The September 22, 2021 surveyed 1,005 adults, and was conducted between September 1 and 17.

What was Mike Pence's approval rating at this time?

In comparison, former Vice President Mike Pence is similar to Harris' after his first six months under Former President Trump.

Pence's high unfamiliarity led to an overall favorable rating of 18 percent in 2016 but his ratings grew as he became more known to the public.

In a poll conducted by Gallup before the election 46 percent viewed him favorably and 32 unfavorably.

Meanwhile, ex-President Trump had a 34 percent favorable rating and a 62 unfavorable.

At the end of July 2017, Pence's approval ratings stood at 42.5 percent, according to a poll conducted by YouGov America.

Data by the Politico/Morning Consult showed that 47 percent viewed Pence unfavorably and 41 percent favorably.

How are approval ratings calculated?

Pollsters use an empirically tested, weighted average to calculate a President's and Vice President's approval rating.

In terms of FiveThirtyEight...s survey conducted in August, this is done by scouring through every national poll of the approval rating and weighing them according to their sample size – broader sample size equals greater weighing – the reputation of surveyors, and how frequently they're conducted.

Pollsters who conduct more than one poll on the same topic in 20 days get penalized.

An average is then calculated and sold on the approval rating. Polls are typically conducted weekly.

Her approval rating slipping comes as reports claim that the Vice President has ...stumbled... in interviews, has had ...trouble managing staff..., and has been either ...sidelined... or ...overwhelmed... by her portfolio.

More than three million school children are set to get broadband support worth $1.2billion, Kamala Harris announced todayThe Vice President's approval rating stands at 49 percent

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