A COUPLE say they have to sleep in their COATS at the ...absolutely disgusting... temporary accommodation they have been given.

Doreen and Phillip Nightingale said they were left with no choice but to move into the house after they were kicked out of their old house when they retired.

BPMThe windows at the home are broken, the couple said '/ '

Doreen, 62, and Phillip, 66, said the accommodation is infested with black mould and the boiler doesn't work.

To make matters worse, they are also paying £45 a night for the hateful home - that is in Milton Keynes, Bucks, miles away from Cambridge where they have lived, worked and raised a family.

Phillip worked as a a caretaker for 28 years at St Peters School in Huntingdon, Cambs.

He was forced to retire due to an injury at work leaving him and wife Doreen, 62, with no choice but to move out.

Doreen also worked in schools.

Their daughter-in-law, Melanie Booker, told Cambs Live the couple had served the local authority most of their lives, adding that she hoped they would be treater better in retirement.

Melanie also blasted the temporary accommodation as ...absolutely disgusting....

She said her mum and dad-in-law are being forced to live in a freezing house with broken windows, filthy carpets and black mould.

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They're so cold they wear their coats inside.

She said: ...My husband Phil and I are beyond devastated that such hard-working, loving, and thoughtful people have been treated without any empathy or respect they so rightfully deserve.

...How the council can justify this place is beyond me it needs condemning....

Concerned Melanie also raised that the accommodation is ...nowhere near... their family.

The couple - who lived and worked in Huntingdon their entire lives - are now living in Milton Keynes.

It also means Phillip is miles away from the hospital where he has regular appointments for a foot injury.

The couple claim they were also initially offered another unsuitable property with a ...tiny... bedroom and no room for parking.

A spokesperson for Cambridge Council said: ...Mr and Mrs Nightingale were offered a bungalow before they needed to leave their home which had been tied accommodation with Mr Nightingale’s job with Cambridgeshire County Council.

Unfortunately, they did not feel able to accept the offer so at the point of having to leave their tied home the District Council offered them emergency temporary accommodation whilst we worked with them on other housing options.

...As emergency accommodation was not available at that time in the district we offered a self-contained property in Milton Keynes whilst we made arrangements to source an alternative to move them back to the area.

...We have apologised for the condition of this emergency accommodation which is not acceptable and have explained our commitment to move them into the district as soon as we have a suitable vacancy.

...In the meantime, we offered to find another emergency property, but given current availability, this would be out of the area.

...Mr and Mrs Nightingale have declined this offer and chosen to remain in the current property whilst the accommodation provider takes steps to resolve the problems.

...We will continue to work with the family to move them back to the area as soon as a suitable vacancy becomes available....

BPMThe house has lots of black mould, the couple said '/ '

BPMThe couple are miles away from their family '/ '

BPMThey said the house is freezing '/ '