A VULNERABLE man was forced to live in a house of horrors where the filthy water was so deep it could have killed him. 

The 55-year-old was living at a property in Hackney, East London, with rotting walls and where he was “put at risk of electrocution”. 

BBCThe council have launched a probe into how the flat got into such a state '/ '

BBCThree inches of water had flooded the kitchen after an unrepaired leak '/ '

The tenant, who suffers from mental health issues, and his carer had contacted Hackney Council multiple times about the state of the property. 

Housing experts have branded the flat one of the most dangerous they had ever seen. 

The home has no heating or hot water, and the kitchen floor was covered in three inches of filthy water because of an unfixed leak. 

Water and damp rotted the woodwork of the property, which then caused mould to spread through all of the rooms. 

All of the furniture is covered in a layer of grim mould, the flat’s bathroom is broken and the kitchen cupboards have also rotted away.

Both the resident and his carer started complaining about the state of the property two years ago, but have yet to receive a visit. 

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Housing specialists High Street Solicitors have now taken on the case and hired an expert to access the property.

Their report stated: ...It’s difficult to tell how far the damp and water has spread but all floors are saturated, the electrics remain in use.

...They need to be turned off and condemned due to potential risk of electrocution.”

Hackney Council say that they have moved the resident into temporary housing and are launching an investigation into the state of the horror flat. 

Larissa Ellis, head of housing at High Street Solicitors, told the Evening Standard: ...This is the worst case I have ever seen. The flat is completely uninhabitable.

...You can tell 'the resident ' is vulnerable. The property is clearly affecting his mental health, he seems very anxious about the whole situation.

...Your home should be a safe and comfortable space. It is far from that and it's clear there is now a real risk to his life.

“There were no visits from the council despite multiple complaints for two years. Only when we were instructed and had a professional survey the property and produce a report did someone from the council visit the property.

“It is unbelievable that it has got to this stage and we are doing everything we can to help him....


The council added that the flat and repairs are managed by the council-funded Wenlock Barn Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

Hackney Council said that during the pandemic the TMO only carried out repairs which were a risk to residents or a possibility of serious damage. 

A spokesman added: “This property is managed by Wenlock Barn Tenant Management Organisation. According to their records, the last reported repair was on January 23 2020 - a repair to a hand wash basin that was completed.

“We are very sorry that this resident has been living in conditions like these. We have supported him to move into temporary accommodation, and are working with him and his carer to assess whether he needs more support.

“We have carried out an initial inspection of the property in order to assess what further work is needed.

“We are also investigating how this property came into such disrepair, and will be working with the TMO to support them to take appropriate action to resolve these issues....

They added that they are also still suffering the effects of a cyberattack in October 2020, which hit repair service systems.

The Sun has contacted Wenlock Barn Tenant Management Organisation for a comment.

BBCThe resident has now been moved to temporary accomodation '/ '

BBCHackney Council have apologised to the tenant '/ '

BBCThe property also put the tenant at a ...risk of electrocution' '/ '