A NINE-year-old boy drowned in his school swimming pool days after telling a nun that he was ...going to heaven....

Little Luis - whose family have kept his surname private - died while in the pool at his private school in the municipality of Sao Vicente in southern Brazil.

NewsflashLuis tragically drowned in his school swimming pool on November 17 '/ '

Witnesses reportedly told police the youngster was submerged before he suddenly sank on November 17 at around 3.30pm.

He was rescued from the water by a teacher while the fire service were called to the scene.

Despite their efforts to revive Luis, he passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital.

His devastated father, named only has Rafael, has now revealed his ...angel... Luis chillingly foreshadowed his own death just days earlier.

He explained in an interview that his son had a notable conversation with a nun while visiting church with his family on the Sunday before his death.

Rafael said: ...At the end of the holy service, he hugged a sister and said ...Give God glory, I'm going to heaven'....

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In a tragic twist of fate, Luis drowned just days later.

The heartbroken dad continued: ...After receiving this sister's message, God greatly comforted us....

Rafael touchingly described his son Luis as ...a caring, loving, very affectionate boy.

...His life was to embrace everyone, without exception,... he said.

But Rafael has been left searching for answers after the sudden death of his young son, revealing that the nine-year-old suffered from an arrhythmia and had learning difficulties.

...It was on the school's file, including the fact that he couldn't exert himself,... Rafael said.

The dad insisted he was unaware Luis was swimming on the day of the tragedy.

...There are no messages on the agenda and, as we didn't know, no bathing suits were sent,... he continued.

According to local media, Luis death certificate states that the young boy drowned.

However, police are now said to be investigating if the boy died from a sudden illness or medical episode, having initially opened a case for a suspicious death.

The private school released a statement stating they were providing ...full support... to Luis' parents.

NewsflashHis father Rafael revealed Luis had told a nun he was ...going to heaven' days before his death '/ '