THE FINAL text message that was sent by a model before she was found dead on a sidewalk has been revealed by her heartbroken husband.

Christy Giles... body was found outside of the Southern California Hospital in Culver City, Los Angeles, on Saturday.

Instagram / Christy GilesAspiring model Christy Giles was found dead on a Los Angeles sidewalk on Saturday '/ '

Instagram / Christy GilesChristy's final text message has now been revealed '/ '

Instagram/christygilesxChristy reportedly attended a party with friend Hilda Marcela Cabralez-Arzola '/ '

Christy, 24, and her friend, designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, were last seen on Friday after attending a warehouse party in LA.

While at the party, Hilda reportedly met a guy and they were all going to go to an after-party in the Hollywood Hills.

Christy's husband, Jan Cilliers, told ABC7 that he had obtained ...all the messages 'she ' exchanged with anybody else that night....

Jan said she was texting Hilda ...let's get out of here... at around 5.30am.

He added that based on information stored on their iCloud, he does not believe Christy checked or answered any messages afterward.

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Christy's husband Jan Cilliers told ABC that footage shows her body being dumped outside by a group of men traveling in a car without license plates.

Two hours after Christy's body was found, Hilda, 26, was discovered at a different hospital in West LA in a critical condition.

Jan, who was in San Francisco at the time of the incident, said the news is ...just so heartbreaking....

...People share these amazing videos that they have with her, and it just brings back her energy, and I know I'll never get to see her or kiss her or touch her again,... he told the outlet.

Jan also told KTLA heroin was found in his wife's system but indicated that neither of the women would take the drug.

...Hilda's toxicology report came back, and I guess they found heroin in her system, which is nothing that either of those girls would ever do, not voluntarily,... Jan said.

A GoFundMe set up by the family alleges that three men in all black, masked in bandanas, dropped off Christy on the sidewalk of the hospital.

The family also alleges that the same vehicle, with the license plates removed, was seen dropping off Hilda at a different hospital.

According to Christy's family, Hilda is on life support with no brain activity and with ...little possibility of recovery....

She's reportedly hospitalized at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in West LA.

Instagram/christygilesxJan Cilliers told a local outlet that heroin was found in his wife's system '/ '

ABC 7Christy's husband, Jan Cilliers, believes both women were drugged '/ '

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