MEGHAN Markle could be banned from running for US president by her royal title, experts believe.

A little-known constitutional amendment made two centuries ago could stymie any bid Meg makes to end up in the White House.

AFPMeghan Markle could be prohibited from running for office by a little-known constitutional amendment, experts say '/ '

EllentubeThe duchess has never publicly expressed a desire to be president - but many, including her biographer, think it's likely she'll run in the future '/ '

While the duchess has never publicly spoken of a wish to run, her own biographers also believe it's ...possible... even likely... that she will, with one claiming she's the ...embodiment of the American dream....

Meanwhile, she was recently blasted for cold-calling Republican senators as she lobbies for paid parental leave.

The politicians say she introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex - and neither knew how she'd got hold of their numbers.

The move sparked outrage as royals always stay out of political matters. A row over the calls rumbles on, with Palace aides warning the duchess is ...using her title out of context... and Piers Morgan urging the Queen to rescind Meghan's royal titles.

And now it's claimed her title may yet prevent her from ever seeking a career in high office, thanks to a little-known rule proposed to stop Napoleon's nephew from seeking power.

Constitutional experts told the Telegraph that in 1810, a crucial tweak to the constitution was proposed and passed in Congress.


It states that anyone who ...accepts, claims, receives or retains a title of nobility bestowed by a foreign power... would be barred from holding federal office.

The amendment was sent out to the individual state legislatures. Not enough gave it the green light - and the amendment never passed.

But it was never thrown out either, and has remained on the table for more than two centuries.

The decision was discussed after Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother Jérôme wed American socialite Elizabeth ...Betsy' Patterson.

It led to fevered speculation that their son Jerome might run for office - and the US would be subsumed into the French empire.

Experts told the newspaper that, were the amendment to be revived, the 12 votes in favour are likely to still count.


That would mean 26 more states would be needed to vote in approval for the amendment to pass.

John Kowal, who has written a book on the history of constitutional amendments, said: “It wouldn't take long for people to look at this as an opportunity.

“I'm not aware of any precedent, where someone who is publicly known and publicly uses a noble title from another country has run for political office.

“I think it would be very controversial.

“Britain has a very strong tradition of keeping royals out of politics and so this is perhaps more intrusive than anything a royal would dare to do in Britain.

...Meeting with senators to lobby for a bill - this is her injecting herself into US politics.”

As things currently stand, Meghan is eligible to run as she is a native-born citizen.

“She clearly seems to have progressive politics and so maybe she would run as a Democrat, but what if she ran as an independent?... Mr Kowal said.

        Meeting with senators to lobby \- she's injecting herself into US politics

“Then you would have Democrats and Republicans all eager to prevent her from running by using this and there might be a rare bipartisan consensus if she were to run as an independent.”

Royal experts believe the possibility that Meghan will run for president is not far-fetched.

In a recent interview, she admitted calling senators even though Harry and the royals have a rule of ...not getting involved....

...I don't see this as a political issue, frankly. There's certainly a precedent amongst my husband's family and the Royal Family of not having any involvement in politics,... she said.

In her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she discussed paid parental leave again - and said: “I will do everything I can to make sure we can implement that for people.”

Tom Bower, who is currently working on an unauthorised biography of the Duchess, told Closer magazine: “The prospect of Meghan running for president is possible and I'd even say likely. I really believe it's where she sees herself going.”

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Omid Scobie, the co-author of the book Finding Freedom, the biography which the Duchess did co-operate with, said: “Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream.

...One day we may see Meghan become president.”

And a friend told Vanity Fair Meghan didn't want to give up her American citizenship she had the option to go into politics..., adding that she “would seriously consider running for president....

GettyMeghan has recently defended cold-calling Republican senators to lobby for parental leave in the US - a move that left critics in the UK scandalised '/ '