THIS is the horrifying moment a McDonald's worker shines a torch on WORMS inside a soft drinks machine at a London restaurant.

Customers have been left disgusted by the grim footage, recorded at a branch in Old Kent Road, south of the capital.

A McDonald's whistleblower has filmed live earthworms writhing in the drain of a soft drinks machine

The footage was captured at a branch in London - and it's sparked disgust on TikTok

The video, posted on TikTok by whistleblower @McOldKentRoad, shows earthworms writhing in the drain of the machine.

The user - who doesn't speak in the video - added the word ...maggots' beneath the film.

However, officials at the huge chain say the creatures were actually worms - a clarification that won't necessarily cheer up customers.

The drinks station was closed immediately and a deep clean was carried out, they said.

The spokesperson told MyLondon: ...We take cleanliness and hygiene extremely seriously.

...Unfortunately, a number of weeks ago we were made aware of an issue in the drain serving the drinks station at our Old Kent Road restaurant.

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...We immediately closed the drinks station and our hygiene team identified the cause of the issue which was fixed before a deep clean was carried out.

...The area was inspected by external specialists and no drinks were served to customers until we were sure that the issue was fully resolved.”


The video has been viewed 400,000 times on TikTok.

And many of those who watched it have spoken of their disgust.

One user said they eat at the restaurant least once a week... - to which the original poster replied: ...Don't....

Another said: ...I come here everyday....

And a third joked: ...There's a reason why it's the cheapest property on Monopoly....

Others said the film was like ...something out of Stranger Things....

The gross video was filmed after maggots were reportedly seen dropping from the ceiling of McDonald's in Beckton, East London.

One diner filmed wriggling larvae on the table and floors last week.

McDonald's has apologised and said the store was immediately closed.