BRIAN Laundrie's best friend exasperatedly asked ...why... he would do such a thing, adding they believe Laundrie is the person behind Gabby Petito's death.

The friend told The Sun in an exclusive interview that Laundrie's notebook could contain clues to solve Petito's death, whom a medical coroner determined had died due to strangulation.

Brian Laundrie's notebook could give key clues on Petito's last daysInstagram

A friend of Laundrie's asked ...why... he would do such a thingInstagram

...I think this is the outcome we expected,... the friend told The Sun after Laundrie's remains were found and subsequently identified.

Later, on Tuesday, November 23, the Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino said that an autopsy revealed the 23-year-old killed himself with a bullet to the head.

...I don't know if it's the one we would ask for,... the friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, said weeks before his cause of death was revealed.

...But it appears as if this story is over,... they continued.

The friend alluded to Laundrie's notebook as showcasing an important look into Laundrie's private life and his potential last days with Petito.

...Hopefully his notebook can detail what it is we all want to know,... the friend, alluding to Petito's cause of death that was determined to be by strangulation.

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But the friend was too exasperated to carry on, only asking a question everyone's minds.

...Why Brian? Why?”

The friend's revelations came a few days after Laundrie's remains were found in the Carlton Reserve near his home in Florida on Wednesday and then were identified by the FBI using dental records on Thursday.

Laundrie's parents Chris and Roberta were at the reserve, with his father Chris finding a bag belonging to his son before police found a backpack not that far away from a swamp where his remains were discovered.

Body language expert Patti Wood told The Sun in an exclusive that Laundrie's parents were ...resigned... to living with protesters outside their home.

...He's doing the activity out of pure resignation. He’s actually working not to show - where you try not to show emotion. It’s in response to what the journalists are doing,... Wood told The Sun after Chris Laundrie was seen mowing the lawn.

“We don’t know if it’s in response to the whole bigger situation of his son. We just know it’s in response to the extremes of being shouted at.”

The Sun previously spoke to a New York clinical psychologist regarding Laundrie's relationship with Petito and how the two were in a ...spell state... typical of many S&M relationships.


Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst Dr. Orna Guralnik said ...In this dynamic, one becomes more abusive and the other becomes passive and docile....

...The bond in those cases can be very, very strong,... she said. ...It’s like they’re locked in a certain kind of spell state between them and there are lots of cases of domestic abuse that follow that pattern.'

Guralnik pointed to the bodycam footage of Petito and Laundrie stopped in Moab, Utah where both of the two said they loved one another.

...They wanted to continue, none of them said ‘please get me out of here,'... the psychologist said. ...They were locked into this kind of spell....

Laundrie's friend exclusively told The Sun that Laundrie was a ...heavier set social outcast... at school.

The friend said the last two years were the most public Laundrie was, considering he was a good 40 pounds heavier in school.

...These last two years were the most public and open he has ever been. He's a pretty disconnected off-the-grid type of guy, not the ...selfie' type....

“He's the type of person that would be able to drop everything to secure his means of not being captured and to evade arrest or evade prosecution from what seems to be a pending crime.”

InstagramA psychologist claims both Gabby and Brian had a ...spell bond' relationship '/ '

The friend said the last two years were the most public Laundrie wasAP

A body language expert says Laundrie's parents have ...resigned... to protesters outside their homeSplash

The expert pointed to their presuming of normal activities even with protesters outsideFox News

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