MULTIPLE people have taken to their social media accounts to share that shots have allegedly been fired at an airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Airport released a statement via Twitter to announce there is no active shooter.

Reports of an shooter... are emerging from an Atlanta airportRex Features

Is there an active shooting at the Atlanta airport?

According to the Atlanta Airport social media accounts, there is no active shooter.

In a statement posted around 2pm ET, they wrote:

...There is not an active shooter. There was an accidental discharge at the Airport. There is no danger to passengers or employees. An investigation is ongoing, more information will be published on this channel....

They updated their statement to add that an investigation is ongoing, but there is no danger at the airport.

Around 1.30pm ET on Saturday, November 20, 2021, multiple people took to Twitter to announce fears of an shooter... at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

One user wrote: ...Shots fired in the Atlanta airport....

Another user added just minutes later: shooter apparently still on the move at Atlanta Hartsfield airport domestic terminal....

One user uploaded a video showing multiple people lying on the ground, shouting and crawling around.

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Another user added: ...I’m at the Atlanta Airport just boarded my flight to New York and we had to close our doors because of an alleged active shooter in the terminal.

...@Delta is managing this as professional as always. We are hearing sirens but can’t verify anything. Will keep you up tp date. Pray!...

More tweets have shown authorities helping passengers to deplane via the runway, as opposed to entering the terminals.

What is an accidental discharge?

An accidental discharge is whenever a gun is discharged (fired) at a time not intended by the user.

An accidental discharge can be the result of faulty design within the weapon itself, while a negligent discharge can be the result of training issues or negligence upon the owner.

When a gun is fired unintentionally, it could be because of mechanical failure. Examples of this include: firearms that do not have proper safety mechanisms, a stuck firing pin, a failed sear, or rounds heating to spontaneously ignite in the chamber.

An accidental discharge means there is not typically an error as a result of the user, but equipment malfunction.

Photos showed authorities deplaning passengers via the runway

What are people saying in response to Atlanta Airport's statement?

Many users have responded to the statement provided by the official Atlanta Airport Twitter account.

According to various people, they allegedly heard multiple shots fired as opposed to the single accidental discharge reported by the airport.

One user wrote: ...How do you explain the 3 pops we heard???...

Someone responded to them mentioning it could have been an echo from the original gunshot.

Another person added: ...Why was there a gun in what is very literally the busiest airport on the planet and why was it ...accidentally' discharged?...

No further reports have been made on behalf of the airport at this time.

Social media users have also reported not being able to enter or leave the airport, depending on where they are located. Others have stated their flights have been delayed or cancelled.

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