IVANKA Trump and Jared Kushner have their hands full with their three children: five-year-old Theodore, eight-year-old Joseph, and 10-year-old Arabella. 

Between creating a healthy lifestyle for the trio and keeping up with all their hobbies, which include learning Mandarin Chinese, taking ballet lessons and baking, the ...Javanka... children keep their parents busy.

Instagram/Ivanka TrumpIvanka and Jared have three children '/ '

Instagram/Ivanka TrumpIvanka and Jared always make time to spend time with their kids '/ '

GettyIn their household, extracurricular activities are prioritized '/ '

In an interview with People in 2020, Ivanka revealed that “being a mother is the most rewarding experience, but also the most wild and stressful.”


In their household, extracurricular activities are prioritized. 

When Ivanka was a child, she picked up piano but did not pursue it for long. She has made sure Arabella learned an instrument, took ballet lessons, and learned to speak Mandarin Chinese.

Ivanka told Fit Pregnancy that she wanted her daughter to “learn and appreciate... music and that Arabella “adores” it. 

Despite always being in the public eye, Ivanka and Jared try to make time for each of their kids, equally. 

Instagram / Ivanka TrumpIvanka enjoys spending time with her kids '/ '


Ivanka enjoys spending time in the garden, something she didn’t get to do with her parents growing up.

...I love gardening with the kids, so that’s something I have a lot of fun with,... she told People. ...We produce a lot of produce. We’ve got tomatoes, strawberries. It’s so much fun, I never grew up doing this....

Not only does the family enjoy growing produce, they make nutritious eating on the daily a must.

For breakfast, the kids have a choice of Greek yogurt with berries or “fancy oatmeal,” which includes chia seeds, berries, flaxseed, goji berries, cinnamon, walnuts, and almonds.

Ivanka revealed Arabella enjoys eating salmon and vegetables at Trump Grill once a week when the pair dine in.

Family meals are important, especially on Friday nights to honor their Jewish faith.

Ivanka told Vogue that phones are turned off for 25 hours on the Sabbath.

“From Friday to Saturday we don’t do anything but hang out with one another. We don’t make phone calls,” she said.

SplashIvanka specializes in making soups and baking, due to Arabella’s extreme sweet tooth '/ '


Ivanka specializes in making soups and baking, due to Arabella’s extreme sweet tooth. 

“I always viewed a meal as a failure if people were still hungry by dessert because I would make so many different things, but Arabella loves dessert so we now start backwards,” Ivanka told People. 

“And she helps me in the kitchen. Baking is a fun thing to do with kids because there’s a lot of mixing and pouring and measuring. And that’s something we enjoy doing together.”

The family values healthy habits, Ivanka told Yahoo Parenting.

...Arabella loves reading,... Ivanka said. 

...Joseph always wants to play with cars and trains with me on the floor. I make sure each day I spend like 30 minutes doing something with each kid....

InstagramThe kids have a close bond with Donald Trump '/ '


Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump, has a close relationship with his grandchildren as they “adore” one another.

She added: ...They spend a lot of time rolling around with him on golf carts.

...They adore him....

Ivanka said her father was an “exceptional leader and “unbelievable” parent. 

She says becoming a parent to three children has made her appreciate her own parents even more.

“I think now, more than ever, having children of my own, I think, you know, when I was 15, I was a little less appreciative. 

“Now I realize, it's really hard. It's really hard to raise your kids with the right values and to give them the right moral compass and to instill in them a sense of drive and work ethic and passion for whatever it is that they want to do.

...So I feel very grateful to have had the parents I had. I'm amazed by him.”

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