HOMES were urgently evacuated today as a blazing inferno broke out at a factory in Hull.

Huge explosions could be heard as the fire ripped through Thompsons Plastics in Hessle shortly before 4pm, with large plumes of black smoke and bright orange flames seen from miles around.

Ben LackThe blaze ripped through Thompsons Plastics in Hessle shortly before 4pm '/ '

PASmoke has been billowing over Hull as the fire rages '/ '

HullLive/MENRed flames can be seen from the factory '/ '

Witnesses described hearing ...huge explosions every 10 seconds..., with other reports of nearby residents suffering power outages.

The smoke reached the tops of homes, while dramatic footage showed thick columns of fiery smoke raging as bangs went off.

There are reports of the wind causing the fire to spread across the city.

One man said he could hear the explosions bombs... coming from the fire and even had debris like ...coal... landing in his garden with another saying coal is ...falling from the sky,... reports Hull Live.

Power has reportedly gone out in some parts while residents said their tap water ...smelled like water... and turned brown.

One resident, whose home is currently surrounded by emergency services, said he came home around 3.30pm from work to find flames in his back garden.

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He said: ...Half the street on Buttfield Road has lost power, because it is at the back of the factory.

...There is a drain /beck behind the houses before the trees so that is a natural breaker....

Black smoke clouds appear to be ...growing... near Humber Bridge with motorists advised to avoid the A63.

The fire service has warned people to close all doors and windows as crews battle to extinguish the flames.

It is also understood multiple hospitality venues are shutting in Hessle Square, including pubs and shops.

One witness said: ...I'm in Saxon Way in Hessle, people are now being been evacuated. Police and fire engines are at the scene too....


Another said: ...I had just made a cup of tea while working from home when I heard a ferocious bang.

...I had no idea what it was an then saw there was a thick cloud of smoke across the city. This is frightening - stay safe everyone!...

A third added: ...I saw it when it just started and then suddenly heard a big bang....

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A spokesperson for Humberside Fire and Rescue said: ...We can confirm that our teams at Humberside are aware of the fire and are on site....

At 4.42pm the fire service issued an update.

It said: ...We're currently in attendance at an incident in the Hessle area.

...We advise local residents to close windows and doors.

...Please avoid the Priory Way to A63 area and be mindful there is a large amount of smoke in the area and surrounding roads....

It is not yet clear how the fire started but Humberside Police have confirmed to The Sun that they are not aware of injuries at this stage, with all staff ...accounted for... and nearby resident having been evacuated safely.

The scale of the flames suggests it could be burning for some time yet.

Thick smoke and burning flames could be seen over a housing estate

A huge blaze has broken out in Hull seen from the motorway

@patrickhobey via NEWSFLAREThe huge inferno created a massive mushroom cloud '/ '

Huge flames can be seen through the trees

HullLive/MENEmergency services are on the scene battling the fire '/ '