A TAXI driver who escaped a bomb blast outside a hospital has said it is a ...miracle... he survived the ...evil act....

Hero David Perry locked the radical inside his cab before staggering away with blood pouring from his neck during last week's terror attack on Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Greater Manchester PoliceCabbie David Perry and his wife Rachel have thanked the public for their ...amazing generosity '/ '

David's cab was engulfed in flames seconds after he locked the terrorist inside

Seconds later the car was engulfed in a fireball that killed terrorist Emad Al Swealmeen, 32, who was carrying a homemade bomb.

In a statement, released by police, David and his wife Rachel expressed their relief that no one else was injured - and how they have been ...overwhelmed... by the public's generosity.

It read: ...On behalf of myself, Rachel and our family, we would like to say thank you to everyone for all your get well wishes and for your amazing generosity.

...We are completely overwhelmed with it.

...A special thanks to the staff at the Liverpool Women's Hospital, the staff and medical team at Aintree hospital, Merseyside Police and Counter Terrorism Policing, who have all been amazing.

...I feel like it's a miracle that I'm alive and so thankful that no one else was injured in such an evil act.

...I now need time to try to come to terms with what's happened and focus on my recovery both mentally and physically.

...Please be kind, be vigilant and stay safe....

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David's brace actions meant the male passenger carrying the bomb was only person killed in the horrific Remembrance Sunday blast.

Boris Johnson has since praised the cabbie for acting with ...incredible presence of mind and bravery..., while Piers Morgan labelled him a ...hero....

Counter Terrorism Policing North West are continuing to investigate the explosion which took place a week ago today on November 14 at around 11am.

Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson, Counter Terrorism North West, said the bomber was picked up in Rutland Avenue just before 11am.

He then asked to be taken to Liverpool Women's Hospital, which is around 10 minutes away.

As the taxi approached the hospital, the explosion tore through the car, killing him and injuring cabbie David.

Al Swealmeen, an asylum seeker who had converted to Christianity, reportedly arrived in the UK from the Middle East in 2014.

He is understood to have had an application for asylum rejected the following year, but had a fresh appeal ongoing at the time of his death.

Smoke billowed from the car in the moments after the explosion

AFPForensics officers walk near the scene of the car blast outside the Women's Hospital in Liverpool '/ '