A RENOWNED cult hunter has revealed how the leader behind the Jonestown ...Kool-Aid' massacre brainwashed moms into poisoning their babies and then themselves.

...Those children didn't want to drink the punch or didn't know what they were drinking,... interventionist Rick Ross told The Sun.

Jim Jones was one of the most well-known cult leaders who separated his followers from the outside worldGetty Images - Getty

Cult hunter Rick Ross said the children who died in Jonestown were ...murdered' because they didn't choose to drink the poisonRick Ross

Jim Jones is one of the most well-known cult leaders who brainwashed thousands even before he convinced 918 people to drink poison on November 18, 1978.

The press began to expose Jones, so he took his most loyal followers to a secluded area of the the South American nation of Guyana and cut off all communication with the outside world, Ross said.

...This is a standard technique of cult leaders,... he said. ...The more extreme the group is, the more extreme the isolation is, but the children were not willing participants.

...The choice was made for them. They were given the the poison. And some parents who saw their children die, felt like they had nothing to live for,... Ross said.


The number of children killed at the People's Temple depends on someone's definition of child.

San Diego State University broke down the number of deaths by age of everyone under the age of 18.

There were 150 who were 10 or younger; 190 who were 12 or younger; 304 who were 17 or younger, according to the university's study.

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The nearly 1,000 people who died 50 years ago was the direct result of a ...narcissistic psycho-path who became unhinged after so much drug use,... Ross told The Sun.

Jones saw himself as an absolute ruler and was offended by anyone else coming into the People's Temple or anyone complaining about him.


Jonestown was the ...awakening... to the harsh reality of cults, Ross said, but there’s been one cult tragedy after another since then.

The way the law works, he explained, is law enforcement and the government can't intervene into a cult - even if they know about its existence - until its leader or followers commit criminal acts.

...Right now, there’s no criminal action or law against brainwashing people and manipulating your followers,... Ross said.

...By the time they cross the line into criminality and law enforcement can intervene, it's usually too late....

The most important arrow in the quiver against cults are survivors who left, he said.

...That's the legacy. We need to listen to former cult members. We need law enforcement and child protective service to listen. But too often, by this point, it’s too late....

In total, 918 people died on Jonestown in the largest cult-related killings everCorbis - Getty

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