THIS cat is perfectly camouflaged in a pile of logs - but can you spot the feline taking a nap?

Reddit users are scratching their heads trying to find spot the tabby.

Reddit users racked their brains to find the snake

The picture was ed: ...Involuntary and perfect camouflage of the cat due to its colour....

The cat is perfectly hidden due it blending perfectly into the logs.

Users took to the comments section to identify the feline.

One user said: ...Before I saw the real cat, I was convinced I had found the creepy cat looking through the stacks in a shadowy spot.

...Just below and left of the real cat....

 Another said: ...I knew exactly where to look this time. High and aligned with the wood.

...Now, if those cottonmouth snakes show up again I will be f*****, but if it comes down to cats I will be safe....

Another agreed: ...For some reason I couldn’t find the cat in the Reddit post but as soon as your link loaded my eyes immediately fell on the cat before even looking at the image where it is circled....

...How do they blur the area around themselves in the wild? Amazing. Much harder to find,... another said.

One user decided to put the Redditors out of their misery: ...Second stack of logs to the right from the top left, one of the logs over it is actually the cat, lying down sleeping....

It comes as a sneaky serpent has found a perfect hiding spot in the bushes of this Australian garden.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, based in Queensland, shared the image on their Facebook page after they were called out to capture the creature found in a garden.

They posted the snap as part of a regular game called ‘Spot the Snake Sunday’ and described it as a ...fairly easy one... – but many still found it impossible to name the location and species of the slippery creature.

“If this is easy I have no chance with a hard one,” one person wrote.

Another viewer said: “If there is a snake in there, I certainly can't see him.”

“Don’t see it and that’s blowing up screenshots,” someone else commented.

One person only saw an even more elusive creature in the background, referring to the shape of a lamppost behind the hedge.

‘’Loch Ness monster in the background,” they joked.

The camouflaged cat was pointed out by Reddit users