PEOPLE are calling on Congress to send out a $2,000 stimulus check after Thanksgiving as 35million families are set to lose their Child Tax Credit cash in just three weeks.

The last check as part of the expanded Child Tax Credit program is set to go out to eligible American families on December 15.

GettySome Americans are calling for a post-Thanksgiving stimulus check '/ '

GettyThe last Child Tax Credit check will go out December 15 '/ '

If Congress does not move to extend the program, which President Joe Biden expanded earlier this year to offset some of the financial burdens many Americans were feeling due to Covid-19, the December 15 check will be the last monthly payment.

Meanwhile, Americans have taken to Twitter to call on the president to approve another round of stimulus checks, especially since recent reports have alleged that this Thanksgiving will be the most expensive one on record.

...@POTUS you know would help improve your approval ratings, a SURPRISE STIMULUS CHECK to help offset the higher cost of goods. $1500 - 2000 right after Thanksgiving,... one user tweeted to Biden.

Another suggested recurring stimulus checks: ...let's get this bill passed with multiple stimulus checks for people who make less than 75,000 a year and give hazard pay to essential employees who make under the 75,000 a year and went to work all of 2020....

The calls for more cash come as the American Farm Bureau reported that the prices for this year's Thanksgiving meals will climb by 14 percent compared to last year.

While some of this increase is due to inflation, according to The Hill, it's also partially due to the fact that many people skipped Thanksgiving, or had much smaller gatherings, last year because of the pandemic.

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Last year's Turkey Day food prices were actually down 4 percent from 2019.

Still, Americans can expect to feel the increase in food prices as well as travel prices, since the price of gas has also climbed due to inflation.

One Twitter user complained, this time to Sen Bernie Sanders, that her family couldn't afford a turkey due to the current economic situation.

...Are you gonna ever pass a stimulus package with stimulus checks to help the people '? ' It's very hard to explain to your granddaughter that turkey hot dogs and Mac and cheese is for Thanksgiving dinner,... they wrote.


The expanded Child Tax Credit program, which began sending out monthly checks of either $300 or $250 to eligible families in July, was providing some relief to millions of Americans.

However, it's unclear at this time if Congress will renew it before it expires in three weeks.

Democrats want to expand the program for another year as part of their $2trillion social spending, health, and climate plan, the Build Back Better Act.

However, Republicans generally oppose it.

GettyThere's no indication at this time that lawmakers are planning any post-Thanksgiving checks '/ '