ALDI has come under fire after one of its workers was filmed demanding a shopper to move a car that wasn't his for ...15 minutes....

The cringe-worthy footage, filmed by a bystander, shows the confrontation outside of the front entrance of the Yorkshire store on November 19.

MEN MediaThe Aldi worker asked the shopper to move the silver car in the background '/ '

MEN MediaAfter insisting that the car wasn't his the worker still asked him to move his car '/ '

The supermarket giant has since apologised for the ...misunderstanding... that took place at their Bridlington shop.

The video shows part of the hilarious conversation that the staff member had with the shopper.

In the clip, the man, who appears in total disbelief, assures the worker that the silver car is not his after she repeatedly asks him to move it.

...Why haven't you got a key for it?... the Aldi worker asks before then asking who owns the car.

The man laughs and says: ...How should I know?...

According to eyewitnesses, the shopper was pestered for over 15 minutes to move the car.

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At the end of the footage, the man makes his way to his own car to move it - as per the staff member's request.

A spokeswoman for Aldi told MailOnline: ...We apologise to the customer for any upset that may have been caused by this misunderstanding....

The video of the hilarious exchange has since gone viral amassing more than 5,000 views on social media.

Comments on the video are mostly in support of the shopper with one saying that he deserved a ...£100 Aldi voucher for the stupid staff rant....

Another said: ...Wow he did well bless him, that would not have been my reaction.

...No need at all and even when she realised it wasn't his car, she still insisted he should move his car when clearly that wasn't the car she wanted moving in the first place.

...Customer service course anyone?...

The woman who filmed the footage, Lauren Toft, told Hull Live that the staff member didn't apologise to the man she just ...kept mouthing at him to move the car....

Aldi has been contacted for comment.

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