LOUIS Theroux will be returning to the BBC screens with a brand new series after just having released his latest documentary on the Jeremy Bamber murders. But who is this documentary-makers and what do we need to know about him? Here's what you need to know.. Louis Theroux Getty - Contributor Louis Theroux is known for his documentaries on places such as jails and brothels '/caption ' How old is Louis Theroux? Louis Theroux is an English documentary maker and presenter and a household name thanks to his diverse BBC series. He was born in Singapore on May 20, 1970, making him 51. His dad is the American travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux, and his mum is Paul’s then-wife Anne Castle. Louis was raised in London after his family moved to Britain when he was one, and he went to  Westminster School. He later read Modern History at Oxford University before working as a journalist in the United States, and later for the BBC. Theroux married his first wife Susanna Kleeman in 1998 but they divorced three years later. He married Nancy Strang in 2012. BBC Louis Theroux with two young inmates in one of the newer areas of the Miami Jail system '/caption ' What's Louis Theroux’s net worth? Louis has made a name for himself with his hard-hitting documentaries and won numerous awards over the years, including two Baftas in 2001 and 2002 as well as an RTS award. As a result he is reported to be worth at around $4million (£3million). As well as making his TV series, he has also been a guest writer for several publications such as Hip-Hop Connection and The Idler. He also published a book called The Call Of The Weird: Travels in American Subcultures in 2005, and starred in the 1997 pornographic film, Take a Peak, where he didn’t perform any sexual acts. Louis played a ranger seeking out a criminal in the movie. Louis has won numerous awards over the years, including two Baftas in 2001 and 2002Times Newspapers Ltd Louis has won numerous awards over the years, including two Baftas in 2001 and 2002 '/caption ' Who is Louis Theroux’s brother Marcel? Marcel Theroux is an English novelist and broadcaster as well as the older brother of documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux. Marcel was born in Kampala, Uganda, but was brought up in Wandsworth, London. He boarded at Westminster School and was best friends with MP Nick Clegg. He is known for presenting a series of documentaries for Unreported Worlds as well as the Channel 4 climate change documentary The End Of The World As We Know It. Louis and Marcel's cousin is actor Justin Theroux, who was married to Jennifer Aniston. Channel 4 Marcel Theroux, centre, is the older brother of documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux '/caption ' How many series has Louis Theroux presented? Louis is most famous for his Weird Weekends, When Louis Met..., BBC Two Specials, LA Stories, Dark States and My Scientology Movie. There were three seasons of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekend, which took place on 1998, 1999 and 2000 and included him telling the stories of UFO-fanatics, swingers and Thai Brides. Getty - Contributor Actor Justin Theroux, who was married to Jennifer Aniston, is the cousin of Louis Theroux '/caption ' His When Louis Met... documentaries were spread over two series, 2000-2001 and 2002. Included in this collection were his famous scenes with Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford. Louis’ BBC Two Specials have been filmed over the years from 2003 to 2016 and saw him experience life in a Miami jail, a paedophile hospital and with members of the Westboro Baptist Church. BBC Louis Theroux released his My Scientology Movie in 2016, which showed him attempting to lift the lid on the secretive organisation '/caption ' His My Scientology Movie was originally released in October 2016 and involved actors replaying some incidents people claim they experienced as members of the secretive organisation. Also, the presenter fronted the recent documentary Surviving America's Most Hated Family, which looks at the Westboro Baptist Church. Viewers have also seen Louis taking on a new challenge as he competed in Celebrity Bake Off on Channel 4, this year.

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  His 2020 documentary Selling Sex followed the lives of sex workers in the UK . Interestingly, the documentary maker explores how technology has aided the sex industry, while also discussing the line of business with three women. It also explored whether selling sex is ever a healthy way to make money. His latest documentary is following The White House Farm murders. The series is looks into Jeremy Bamber’s guilt. Bamber, now 60, was jailed for life after being convicted of murdering five members of his family in 1985. The Bambers: Murder At The Farm is available to watch on Now TV catch up. The next upcoming documentary for Louis is named Forbidden America and is set to be released in three parts. The documentary follows him travel to America to see how online platforms have allowed certain ...dangerous, extreme, or morally questionable... individuals to thrive. Speaking to the BBC, Louis revealed: ...These three documentaries were tough to make,... ...They required delicate access conversations. They feature scenes and confrontations that are shocking and upsetting. ...But they are also powerful depictions of a world that has become strange in ways we could never have imagined just 10 years ago.... The BBC is yet to announce an air date for Forbidden America but keep checking here for updates.