WENDY Williams’ brother Tommy revealed the ailing daytime host’s plan for after her show is over, as sources claim she is “never coming back.” 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Wendy’s younger brother Tommy Williams, 54, opened up about discussions he’s had with his famous sibling on how she envisions what life could look like after The Wendy Williams Show.  

FoxSources claim Wendy Williams will not return to host her show, which will be rebranded next year '/caption '

THE US SUNTommy Williams in an interview with The Sun revealed his sister Wendy's post-TV life plans '/caption '

Tommy revealed he and Wendy have spoken about ideas the host has for her future when her eponymous talk show comes to an end.

Wendy's younger brother opened up following The Sun's exclusive reporting with insiders claiming the host will never return to the show after a months long absence following a series of health complications.

The 54-year-old brother explained: “We've talked about different things. She’s definitely kicked around some different ideas, all of which I know she'll be successful with, but time will tell.

“I do believe that anything, post her career in television, if that were to be the case, would be involving youth and people who dream of doing something in the media. 

“She can show them some of the other ropes, not the regular ropes, but some of the other ropes- because Wendy knows a lot about those other ropes,” Tommy continued. 

Tommy said Wendy could mentor youths by doing a Masterclass or a CliffNotes to success style lecture, “but only if you have it. You probably have to go through a pledge period to see if you're qualified to take on this class.” 

Wendy’s brother, who moved from New Jersey to Florida a few years back, also said he would love the opportunity to see more of his sister in her post-television life. 

“I would love to have her down here as a neighbor or just have her come down more frequently. I do know that when once she's on the other side of some of these things that she's dealing with, there's no question she'll be here a lot more.” 

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Tommy added: “To be honest with you if she if she ever were to throw in the towel- great- so now we get more Wendy. We can get on with more memories, we can do some more stuff, you know?”  

Her brother added that all of their close family live nearby in Florida, and it would be wonderful to get to spend more time with their famous sibling. 

The host's brother, who recently started a YouTube channel himself, said that whatever Wendy’s life looks like after TV, he is never worried about her future. 

If she’s off TV, Tommy said: “It’s not a big deal, it’s not. I can't think of a time when I was worried about Wendy in her career. I just can't. She's been through so much. I've been there with her through so much.”  


On Tuesday, a source revealed production will announce early next year that Wendy is permanently leaving her purple chair after suffering from a series of serious health issues. 

A second source has also indicated that higher-ups in the show’s production have privately stated they believed Wendy would not be returning for some time now. 

Just as The Wendy Williams Show announced fan favorite Sherri will be the fill-in to host for the final weeks before the holiday break, the first insider told The Sun that the unofficial motto is “new year, new show.”  

While RadarOnline had reported Wendy’s production company is looking for a replacement host, a source added to The Sun that the job is “Sherri’s to lose. She is the number one choice.”  

Leah Remini is guest hosting for two weeks, followed by Sherri - and the show insider called these upcoming stretches ...auditions....  

The source continued: “The deal will be done in the next few weeks and announced in January....


While The Wendy Williams Show's Instagram has released several explanations as to why the 57-year-old host hasn’t returned to her purple chair, reports began to circulate over the weekend that she has been suffering from the effects of early onset dementia.  

However, Wendy's younger brother Tommy, 54, exclusively told The Sun earlier this week that his famous sister has not been “displaying that type of behavior... to the family.  

He said: “We haven't had any alerts like that and I haven't seen anything like that or have had conversations with her that would lead me to believe that.” 

Wendy has previously revealed she suffers from thyroid disorder Graves' Disease and lymphedema, which gives her swollen ankles and makes it difficult for her to walk even two blocks. 

She has also admitted in the past to struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse, and last checked into rehab in 2019. 


Back in September, The Sun was first to report that police received a 911 call from Wendy’s Manhattan building at 8 am about a “57-year-old female in need of psychiatric services.”   

The Sun later reported the TV personality had been “struggling with addiction” leading up to her hospitalization.    

“Wendy was drinking every day, even while filming the show,” an insider previously revealed to The Sun.    

As the daytime diva's health complications continued, the popular program was postponed from its original return date of September 20, and eventually aired with a rotating cast of guest hosts.    


The host took to Instagram on November 8 to break her silence and tell her fans: ...As everyone knows, my health has been a hot topic. I’m making progress but it’s just one of those things that’s taking longer than we expected.    

...I’m a woman of a certain age, and I know enough to listen to my doctors and will return to my purple chair as soon as we all agree I’m ready....    

...I want to thank all of my staff and our guest hosts for stepping up and stepping in while I can’t be there. 

...I also want to thank Debmar-Mercury and our stations for being so understanding and supportive while I work my way back.    

...Most of all, I want to thank my fans. I have heard your prayers and comments and feel all the love! You are everything to me.    

...I love spending my mornings with you all and I’m doing everything I can to get back to work, but right now Wendy has to focus on Wendy. I love you for watching....    

SplashIn all recent sightings of Wendy, the ailing host has only been seen in a wheelchair '/caption '

Thomas WilliamsWendy's brother Tommy told The Sun he's spoken with her about her post-show future '/caption '

SplashWendy Williams has not returned to her show this season after facing a series of health issues '/caption '

Wendy Williams ShowThe Sun exclusively reported sources claim Wendy will not be returning to the show '/caption '

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