GBBO winner Giuseppe Dell'Anno has revealed how he screamed at the TV as he watched himself commit a blunder in the televised grand finale.

But the newly crowned Bake Off champion said he had shouted at the screen while watching the final air on TV, which saw the Italian overbake his Belgian Buns and in one challenghe, forget to shut his oven door.

...That tent plays tricks on your head,... he said after the show was aired.

...The stress obviously does. I was shouting at myself at the screen last night: ...Take those buns out!' I don't know why I kept them in so long in the oven. I have got no idea what was going through my head.

...The funny thing I had a message from a Belgian friend of mine this morning saying, ...You know the buns should be golden not brown?' I think I have learned the lesson the hardest way....

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