GRAND Designs viewers could not believe their eyes when they saw a house so tiny it was the size of a London tube carriage.

The Channel 4 series presented its annual, House of the Year special, and featured the tiny home in south London.

Grand Designs viewers were in awe of a tiny house built in London. The ...Slot House' is 2.8 metres wide and the size of a London Tube carriage

The Slot House was designed by architects, and married couple, Sally and Sandy Rendel

Some of the home's features include exposed materials which allowed more space as nothing was plaster boarded.

The ...Slot House' was designed by married architecture couple Sally and Sandy Rendel.

They built the house in a 2.8 metre gap alongside their home and come up with a series of innovative ideas to make the most out of the small space.

Sandy told host Michelle Ogundehin: ...It's not this grand bit of architecture or anything, it's the opposite. 

...It's just a very modest little house. But hopefully it proves we can create something of worth in such a tight space. It has something of quality of it as well....

Some of the home's features include exposed materials which allowed more space as nothing was plaster boarded.

The couple also opted for a ...slimline steel frame to build the skeleton of the home... and fixed the staircase to the structure to save space.

The mezzanine study hung over the living room which faced the two-storey back window, leading to a tiny yard.

On the ground floor was an open plan living room and double height kitchen.

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The upstairs featured the study, bedroom and bathroom.

Sandy and Sally also chose to use brick slips made from clay, biscuit fired, dipped in pewter and gold glaze. 

They were placed outside the building and are one-third the size of traditional bricks.

The disused alleyway used to lead onto some shops and when the couple bought the land it they were given permission to build a three-bedroom family home.

...It shouldn't be a family house, it's a tiny scrap of land. It was just trying to find the appropriate level of development for the plot,... said Sandy.

Sally added: ...We were told more than once by developers that we were underdeveloping. But actually, we wanted to make something with some joy, sustainable and lovely to live in....

Grand Designs viewers were blown away by what they saw and couldn't believe a house so small could look so great.

...For a tiny place it's rather nice,... wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: ...Loving the Slot House....

And a third wrote: ...I can admire the architecture of Slot House, the steelwork is incredible....

The mezzanine study hung over the living room while the bedroom and bathroom were also upstairs

The couple built it next to their home

It was built on a disused alleyway with planning permission for a three-bedroom home

The couple came up with innovative measures to not take up too much space with the building materials

Grand Designs expert Michelle was surprised at the home

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